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Read patient reviews for Dr. Sjoberg and Craig C. Sjoberg DDS.

We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Pleasanton area from their patient reviews. Dr. Craig C. Sjoberg and the staff at Craig C. Sjoberg DDS are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Sjoberg.




Patient Testimonials


I helped Craig begin his practice in a small town in the Sierras. I watched him become the dentist's dentist. When I saw the outstanding work he did for the children of that poverty stricken area, I knew he would be doing well for others wherever he developed his dental following. Also he has taken great care of my children and myself.
The locals used to drive 100 miles to Reno for dental work. When the word got out, people began coming from Reno to see him. It is no wonder that he has built a burgeoning practice in the Bay Area. I am sure he can address any dental needs with skill and compassion.

— Dr. Wattenburg can be heard on "The Open Line to America" Newstalk 910 Sunday 8:00-11:00

“Dr. Sjoberg has become, not just my dentist, but a close friend. I learned to fear and avoid dentists through a long military career. Later after I retired, an advertisement initially brought me to Dr. Sjoberg, and I could immediately tell the difference. While on vacation in Hawaii, I had a dental emergency and Dr. Sjoberg and his staff helped me over the phone to get help and find emergency care. They handled all of my follow up work when I returned, and ultimately Dr. Sjoberg provided me with five implants to restore my mouth. It was the best decision I could have made. I later brought my 86-year-old mother in law in for treatment. Dr. Sjoberg and his team took excellent care of her and made her feel comfortable and welcome, just as they did with me.”

— Don A.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Sjoberg for 23 years. I first approached him in response to an ad for orthodontics for adults. In a short period of time he had corrected my bite and straightened my teeth. Having my teeth fixed has given me more confidence and made me a lot happier than I was before the treatment. Plus, I get lots of compliments on my teeth and my smile.”

— Kathleen Lucas




“Having a dentist you trust is important. Dr. Sjoberg has earned our trust since 1993 because of his knowledge, attention to detail and quality of care. The office staff are all friendly and caring too. We are all smiles after a visit with Dr. Sjoberg.”

— Gilbert and Esperanza Mingming




“I've been coming to Amador Dental for more than 16 years now, and they are the best dental office around. I knew I was dealing with a different type of dental office when Dr. Sjoberg called me out of the blue to tell me about an appliance that he thought might help me avoid surgery to handle my sleep apnea. I hadn't asked him to do the research or anything. He took it upon himself to research the effectiveness of these appliances after a brief, casual conversation. Frankly, it was just Dr. Sjoberg being Dr. Sjoberg. Everyone at Amador Dental makes me feel the same way—like they have my best interest at heart. I think of them as my extended family.”

— Dan De Geus

“Having lived throughout the country, I have been a patient at many different dental practices. While all of them had excellent reputations in their respective communities, I can unequivocally state that the care I have received from Dr. Sjoberg and his staff is the best I have ever experienced.

As a retired CEO, I am highly attuned to the quality of "customer service" in every transaction. Dr. Sjoberg and his staff are clearly dedicated to providing all of their patients with the ultimate in dental procedures and "total satisfaction" with the end results.

From a front office staff that is friendly, efficient and helpful, to "state-of-the-art" equipment and highly trained assistants, Dr. Sjoberg is attentive to all of the details associated with making a patient's visit to his office a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Dr. Sjoberg is highly skilled not only in the "science" of dentistry but in the "art" as well. He was sensitive to my needs and my budget and worked closely with me to give me the smile I desired.

I have already recommended Dr. Sjoberg to my family and friends and highly recommend him to anyone seeking dental or orthodontic care in the greater Pleasanton community.”

— Jim DeRose

"Last year Dr. Sjoberg completed an implant procedure on one of my front teeth. I am truly amazed at how natural the implant looks and feels. My smile has never looked this good (actually it has never looked this beautiful). Because of Dr. Sjoberg's expertise and because the experience was so positive, I plan on doing another implant procedure in the very near future. I have had several other complex dental procedures by Dr. Sjoberg and I am extremely satisfied with the results.

Not to be overlooked is the staff at Amador Dental who are the best that I have ever dealt with, bar none. I highly recommend Dr. Sjoberg for any dental procedure."

— Terri Petriat

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sjoberg's for over a decade. I now have a smile that I am proud to show off, all thanks to Dr. Sjoberg and his expert staff. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sjoberg as a dentist because both him and his staff are friendly, professional and provide high quality dental care."

— Kristen Chapman

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sjoberg's for almost 1 year. I chose his office because the location is very close to my home. After just one visit, I was convinced this was going to be my dentist for life. The staff made me welcome and comfortable immediately when I arrived. My hygienist, Kristen is caring and gentle as well as effective, and all the procedures and costs were explained to me completely. I have been horribly afraid of the dentist most of my life, but that is now over! Dr. Sjoberg's approach is caring, concerned and confident. There is no doubt that I would trust him completely with any dental procedures I may need, and I will continue to refer others to his office."

— Donna J Carlton

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sjoberg for the last 15 years. During that time, I have had crowns, fillings and other procedures. My daughter, who is now 18, has had no other dentist. She feels so comfortable with Dr. Sjoberg and his staff that she literally falls asleep during procedures.

When she was 7 or 8 my daughter was hit in the mouth by a plastic baseball bat at her after-school care. It was late in the day, but Dr. Sjoberg and his staff stayed to see her and make sure her teeth and lip were cared for properly.

Dr. Sjoberg and his staff have made sure that we are always treated in the best and most professional way. I feel the practice uses the latest technology and can be depended upon for expert and caring services."

— Donna J Carlton

I was originally referred to Dr. Sjoberg over 10 years ago. It is the best referral I have ever received. When looking for a doctor of any kind, my expectation is that they have the best equipment and that they are proactive in their practice. Dr. Sjoberg meets both of these standards.

His dentistry is the best I have received and I do not have to worry about the care I am receiving. I completely trust Dr. Sjoberg, the hygienists and the front office staff. Everyone is pleasant, professional and yet takes the time to fully answer my questions.

I was married about two years ago and brought my wife to Dr. Sjoberg for a checkup. My wife was also very happy with Dr. Sjoberg and the staff. They were again, very professional and took the time to explain everything and answered all her questions. She recently had two wisdom teeth removed and it went incredibly smoothly. She had no problems and almost no pain yet the teeth were impacted. She was thrilled.

I am very busy and really appreciate the staff's reminders and flexibility. I receive a postcard reminding me of my appointment, then an email, then an automated phone call. Also, they have been completely flexible when I have needed to reschedule.

I have gone to many dental practices in the past but had never referred anyone until Dr. Sjoberg. Since seeing Dr. Sjoberg I have referred several people to him and will continue to do so since my experience and my wife's experience have been so good.

— Michael and Huei-Ming Ham

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Sjoberg for 15 years. He has worked on everything from minor toothaches to full orthodontic services. I found Dr. Sjoberg through my work directory when we first moved to the tri-valley area. He was very energetic, he always made you feel like he was listening to what you had to say before making his own opinion. He talks to you in precise and understandable manner. I appreciate that he takes the time to help me understand what is going on and how it will be corrected.

Dr. Sjoberg's staff is fantastic. They are always smiling, asking how you are doing and making sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. I appreciate that his staff has been with him for so long, some as long as I have been a patient. It's nice knowing that they must also be well treated to stay with the same doctor for so long.

I used get sharp pains in my face and neck due to a rare condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia, which Kaiser did not diagnose until after Dr. Sjoberg tried three times to make sure it was not a tooth related issue. Dr. Sjoberg correctly determined that I might have this condition, at which point Kaiser checked for it and confirmed his diagnosis. I have since been treated for it and I no longer have pain as a result. Thank you, Dr. Sjoberg.

— Darwin Lee

Dear Dr. Sjoberg:

I hope this finds you in the best of health, including dental! I have been meaning to write but after I last saw you I became extremely ill. Before I knew it, I had allowed several months to go by without extending my sincere gratitude for the work that you preformed on my front tooth or rather the place it used to be. I have had a checkered dental history with a lot of bad work as many people have, and look askance at medical practitioners in general especially after working as a critical care nurse for several years and seeing so many extremely incompetent people practicing medicine in its various forms. It is always a great joy to see someone practicing the craft as it should be, with extreme care and a commitment to the highest levels of professionalism and excellence. After looking several dentists on the web, I was fortunate to choose you. I did so because you were doing research and your website was not as run-of-the-mill as all the generic ones I saw; your research indicated to me that you were genuinely interested in the science of dentistry and not simply “in it for the money.” I was very fortunate to have come to you and feel that the work you did was so well-done and in some ways far beyond my expectations that I simply want to say on top of paying my bill on time and in full, thank you for the extraordinary work that you perform for all of your patients but for my family and me in particular.

Unlike so many unethical and incompetent people out there, you can sleep well at night knowing that you do the best for your patients and genuinely contribute to making their lives easier and more enjoyable as nothing is worse than having problems with teeth. We take so much for granted and teeth are certainly one among many, but we also often take those who benefit us for granted and a good dentist is a great blessing we should be more thankful for. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a real professional who thinks out of the box and enjoys “arts and crafts” with other peoples’ mouths as their workspace. I have a tooth that looks better than the previous one and in a place that if empty leaves one looking very impoverished indeed. I, however, thanks to you, am enjoying a normal mouth again.

Again, my heartfelt gratitude goes out to you and your staff. They were all wonderful and really made a horrible, terrible, nasty, brutish and really unpleasant experience for more tolerable then I would have imagined. But in the end it is all a reflection of your level of excellence, work ethic and sincere commitment to your patients’ well-being. Thanks.

— H.Y.H.

My daughter Jenna has been in your care for over five years. She recently completed her treatment and got her braces off. The results are breathtaking! I couldn’t be more pleased! I, for one, feel that your method of straightening teeth is far more desirable than that of “Old School Orthodontics”. By widening her arch by use of “appliances,” you made room for her teeth coming in instead of just extracting them, as most orthodontists would. In the beginning of treatment, you explained that your goal was to align her jaw and widen her arch, which is not the same treatment two other orthodontists I consulted with before you were going to do to Jenna. They were going to extract teeth and shove her teeth back with headgear to straighten them, with no mention of keeping her jaw in alignment. They were not even going to begin treatment until she was much older and I was distressed that Jenna would have to wear braces in high school!

Jenna will be going into the 7th grade this fall and her teeth are just perfect! I also want to thank you for touching up her front teeth, at not cost, at the time you made her veneer composites for her two upper teeth! I can’t thank you enough for your professional staff and also for the excellent results in Jenna’s treatment!

— Deanna M

I didn’t originally come to Dr. Sjoberg for orthodontic TMJ treatment. But doing his general dentistry exam, he was the first and only dentist in 30 years of regular dental checkups that discovered my clicking, popping TMT as well as my deep overbite and pushed in upper teeth and progressing crowding lowers.

He asked me if I had any symptoms ie: headaches, backaches, neck aches, and I said yes! He explained to me they could be caused by a misalignment of the jaw and that of left untreated could get worse with time.

So as a 35 year “old” female, I chose to have Dr. Sjoberg try his best to correct my problem - I knew going in, there were no guarantees. We started out with TMT X-rays, which showed a deviation in the left TMT area – just as he thought. So Dr. Sjoberg put me in a “deprogramming” splint to help me bring my jaw more forward and make it more “free sliding.” Once we found a comfortable position, we went into orthodontics to stabilize this bite.

I started with braces on the upper to expand and widen my somewhat narrowed arch and to straighten my pushed in front teeth - Then we went to an appliance on the lower to relieve the crowding without extractions, which was a big concern for me – I didn’t want to have any permanent teeth extracted. The appliance worked wonders with braces on the bottom – all the while coaxing my lower jaw forward gently and comfortably.

As time went on my teeth straightened beautifully and before I knew it everything was lined up, as it should be. The last phase of the treatment was a bite ramp to continue to hold my jaw forward and lots of elastics to bring top and bottom together. Before long, my lower jaw just automatically went to its proper forward position – just like it had always been there. In about 1½ years from start to finish, my braces were removed – not only did my teeth look beautiful but my jaw felt so comfortable in its new, proper position. It’s been about six months now since I’ve been out of braces. I’m still in full-time retention and will most likely have to wear a retainer at night for the rest of my life. But it’s well worth it. My jaw stays forward automatically now and my clicking and popping have disappeared, as well as the headaches and neck aches! Dr. Sjoberg and his staff did a great job for me and I love my new smile!

— Marian A

Just a little note of thanks for all you have done for me in the past few years. I came to you with a very difficult situation of TMJ due to the extractions from my previous orthodontic care. You gave me several options to choose from to correct the problem. Of course I chose the most lengthy and time-consuming process. The years have flown by during my treatment, marriage, and two babies. You and your staff have been very wonderful to work with. I appreciate your time, patience, and dedication to make my second round of orthodontic care as smooth as possible.

— Julie P

I would like to thank you for sponsoring me in the Miss American Coed Pageant. Not only have you helped give me a beautiful smile, (by the way, my parents think it “dazzled” the judges at the Miss Northern California pageant, and that’s why I won!) but you are also supporting me in my goal of becoming Miss American Coed!

Thanks again for all you have done for me. I will always be grateful and happy that I had a chance to be your patient. Every time I look in the mirror and smile, I see the results that you and I worked so hard to get.

— Katie C

I have used perio trays since September 2004 and have been impressed by the results in my mouth. Getting use to the five times a day was an adjustment in my life but now I am down to twice a day. Thank you Dr. Sjoberg!

— Pat G

Here is the description of my dental case you asked for at my last visit.

I was originally treated for a severe over-bite by an orthodontist in Cleveland, Tennessee for about 2 to 3 years, starting at around age 14. The treatment involved extraction of one tooth on each side of my upper jaw. I then wore a headgear that was designed to force my upper teeth back. The treatment was aesthetically successful to the degree possible with the methods used. However, I feel it probably exaggerated the profile of my nose, and did nothing to move my chin outward. I was not particularly unhappy with the results until I began developing a very audible “popping” sound in my jaw joint when I chewed. It was not painful, but was noticeable to nearby people. I am not sure at what point this symptom began, but it must have developed gradually, and was possibly intermittent at first. However, at age of 26, I decided I wanted to try to do something about the severe tetracycline staining apparent on my teeth, and began to interview a number of dentists in the Bay Area to see what my options for treatment were. Several of the dentists noticed the popping sound and commented that this was a common symptom of TMJ problems. I wanted to have my teeth capped, but felt it was important to take care of the potential orthodontic problem first.

I again consulted with my childhood dentist, whose opinion I value highly, and concluded that the problem was real and warranted treatment. Dr. Sjoberg was one of the dentists I had conferred with, and I was impressed with his knowledge of TMJ and orthodontics, and his suggest course of treatment. I’m sure he can describe in better detail the treatment, but he essentially expanded my uppers and used a plastic mouthpiece that allowed free-travel for my lower jaw to find its more natural location. I then wore braces for a period of time to adjust the teeth to this bite.

All in all, I am very pleased with the results. The “popping” noise is gone, with the exception of one brief episode that lasted for a few days after having a major filling replaced in a molar. I was able to have some major cosmetic dentistry done to my upper teeth, which included veneers and one cap on each side. I do have a slight over-bite now. But from an aesthetic standpoint, I feel my facial structure has been improved by a slightly more prominent chin. The alternative treatment suggested to me by another orthodontist was to have my jaw broken and reset. I certainly feel the treatment Dr. Sjoberg recommended was less radical and still effective.

— Winfield F

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the orthodontic magic you performed, and to details the changes and benefits I have seen since having my braces removed.

The photographs in my records speak a thousand words. Bringing my jaw forward “softened” my jaw line noticeably. My bottom jaw is both wider and more rounded in appearance than before, much more like the rest of my family. The adjustment to my bite has alleviated the daily headaches/jaw aches that plagued me for so long. My upper and lower jaw match in width and contour, and I am fortunate to be able to say that I both look better and feel better! It was well worth the hard work (on both of our parts), wasn’t it?

I’ve always had a lot to smile about. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff, I smile even more often!

— Sharon O

After 18 months of orthodontic treatment, my jaw grinding has stopped completely. The clicking is very minimal and will never be completely gone. But the pain is.

I implore you to continue to encourage your future patients to consider their health above all and most importantly; do not let their insurance companies dictate the patients’ treatment program by way of technicalities and funding. My education of TMJ compiled with both your staff and personal guidance over the past two years has encouraged me to always ask a lot of questions and fully understand the treatment program, regardless of the situation. I will forever be thankful to both you and your staff.

— Jo Anne A

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible change in my health since becoming your patient.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a headache every single day. Some were mild and annoying, but many were migraine-like and debilitating. I saw several doctors, tried physical therapy, chiropractic; massage therapy, meditation and acupuncture. I go some relief with these attempts, but the headaches always kept coming back. I had an appointment for a CAT scan, when a co-worker and your patient recommended a consultation with you. You diagnosed me with TMJ and assured me that you could remedy my headaches. Imagine how I felt after spending my teens in braces to correct my bite problem and being diligent with seeing a dentist every year, that no one discovered my TMJ problem.

From the moment you installed my first appliance my headaches disappeared! It wasn’t even gradual, this impact was immediate. After spending 18 months in braces, I am now in retainers and I still do not have headaches. I can’t even tell you what life is like without the agony of migraines or even the fear that they will return. You have truly changed the quality of my life.

I am a true believer in your treatment! I just wish I could have found you and been diagnosed years ago!

Once again thank you changing the quality of my life!

— Valerie M

I wanted to say thank you for the excellent care that you have provided to my daughters Megan, age 12, and Shannon, age 10.

By the time Megan started kindergarten, she was already a seasoned headache sufferer. She had some unique issues with her eyes that we thought were the source of the headaches. Fore the next year or so she visited several eye specialists and although glasses helped her vision, the headaches remained. Finally she gave us the clue that we needed to solve the headache puzzle when she pressed her hands on the side of her face in front of her ears and said, “Mommy, it hurts here.” We took her to the pediatrician who recommended that she go see a dentist that was experienced in TMJ care. As he put it, “The head and the jaw are connected” . . . same thing I’ve heard you say many times.

Her headaches disappeared within 24 hours after you placed the first appliance in her mouth when she was seven years old. In the five years since that day Megan has worn a variety of appliances and braces to obtain and maintain proper jaw position. When her jaw is in proper position she is free of headaches. As she has grown, a return of pain has indicated that it’s time for an appliance adjustment or a new appliance. The jaw alignment has also pushed her chin out from a slightly recessed position to a very attractive aligned position.

Now she is headache free and has a very pretty profile!

When Megan’s younger sister, Shannon, started to experience headaches and jaw pain even she knew what the problem was as she demonstrated by flouncing in the room an saying, “Mom, I need to go see Dr. Sjoberg. I have headaches and my face hurts, just like Megan”. Fortunately, the education the entire family received from Megan’s experience meant that Shannon only had a brief exposure to the discomfort of headaches and jaw pain.

Today both girls are pain free. They wear a simple appliance and Shannon has braces, which are used to anchor the rubber bands used to position her jaw. What a simple solution to such a painful problem! My husband has three female cousins that endured locked jaw and a lot of pain in their youth and teens. One of them has surgery as an adult to correct and/or repair TMJ damage in her jaw joints. When they hear of the simple, non-invasive treatment that our girls have received they are grateful that such simple techniques are available in the event their own children demonstrate the discomfort they remember so well.

Thanks again for taking such good care of my girls!

— Linda C

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the great job you did fixing my overbite and TMJ. The TMJ I had for so long since my early twenties, I just thought I’d have to live with it. Now, with my new bite and teeth being in alignment, it’s the most wonderful thing ever. I get no pain in my jaw. I can open my mouth as wide as I want without feeling like it’s going to pop. No more headaches. The braces have been off for three months now and I think everyday to myself that the year and a half of wearing braces was worth it I’m so happy when I look in the mirror and see that beautiful smile. Life is good again.

I want you to know that I appreciate your dedication to your profession. You work very hard, you really know what you’re doing and you are good at it. You, along with your staff, have always been courteous and professional to me and my family. I would recommend anyone to your office.

Keep up the good work.

—Jean B

Two years ago I visited Dr. Craig Sjoberg’s office for repair of a missing filling. At that time I told Dr. Martin, the treating dentist, that I was experiencing some jaw pain I the lower left jaw and clicking in both jaw joints. He scheduled me for a TMJ consultation with Dr. Sjoberg. During the consultation, after being asked what symptoms I was experiencing, I discovered that I had been experiencing many of the symptoms associated with TMJ. I had frequent jaw clicking upon opening the mouth; one episode of locked jaw; frequent headaches (daily) that I always associated with sinus problems; tinnitus; and tooth grinding while sleeping.

I explained to him that as a child, I had two upper permanent tooth extractions where the teeth were never replaced. I had never had orthodontics at any time following the extractions. The spaces were left to be filled in by the remaining teeth. (The dentist told me my mouth was too crowded for my existing teeth). At the appropriate age, I had also had all of my wisdom teeth pulled. The space left by one extraction completely filled in; the other space became partially closed.

Dr. Sjoberg explained to me that because the teeth were never replaced and other teeth moved to fill in the empty space, this realignment of teeth shifted my jawline backward, causing my bite to change which, in turn, caused the jaw joints to be misaligned causing friction in the joint from chewing. This all made perfectly logical sense to me, who is a scientist and industrial hygienist trained in assessing the relationships between exposures and symptoms.

His first treatment consisted in placing me in a splint. The purpose of wearing the splint was to move the jaw forward, back tot where it had originally been when I was a child. I kept a record of my symptoms and noticed that after 4 months of wearing the splint all the symptoms I mentioned above were gone! I was very surprised and delighted and I was confident that Dr. Sjoberg’s treatment was the correct one for me. The most significant improvement came in the disappearance of the daily headaches. I also noticed that when I refrained from wearing the splint, my headaches would return as well as a new experience of tightness in my entire jaw.

After wearing the splint for several months, I made the decision to do orthodontia to realign my teeth to fit in with the new jaw position. Through the braces. Dr. Sjoberg reopened the previously closed spaces in my upper teeth. I wore braces (upper and lowers) for 1.5 years. I had the braces taken off in November 1993, and I am now undergoing bridge insertions in the spaces. I will also be having other crown work on the lower teeth.

As of this writing, I remain symptom-free of TMJ problems. I am very pleased with the work that Dr. Sjoberg has done for me. I am also convinced that his theory of TMJ being caused by misalignment of teeth (extracted teeth in my case) is sound and I would definitely recommend this treatment to others who are symptomatic, as a first measure, prior to trying surgery.


—Jacqueline I. Kryszak, M.S., C.I.H.

My daughter Patti has been very successfully treated for a severe case of TMJ by Dr. Craig Sjoberg.

Patti’s Jaw first began to click, which soon progressed to a painful locking. It became more and more painful, to the point where she was on a diet of liquids as she could not tolerate the pain of eating any solid foods.

It was at this time we sought help from Dr. Sjoberg. Patti was at this time diagnosed with TMJ. Dr. Sjoberg’s staff submitted the claim to my insurance company, who in turn declined payment, stating that TMJ was not a dental problem, but indeed a medical problem.

We now had Patti seen by her pediatrician, who referred her to an ears, throat and nose specialist, who in turned referred her to a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon said that it would take surgery, and the most probable wiring of her jaw to rectify her painful condition. Our next step was to get authorization from our medical insurance. We were promptly turned down any further treatments, as our medical carrier said that TMJ was not a medical problem but a dental problem. This was not only confusing, but very irritating, as Patti was suffering more and more.

It was decided that we would pay the cost of the splint that Dr. Sjoberg recommended, as Patti was in constant pain. She was fitted for the clear splint, and was told that she should get some relief within the next few weeks.

It was exactly two days, and Patti could tell a big difference, and within that net month all of her clicking, and jaw locking had subsided.

I would highly recommend the splint as a treatment for the problems related to TMJ. The splint avoids unwarranted surgery (and possible permanent nerve damage), as well as a quick, painless, unnoticeable treatment.

— Cheri S

My jaws, for some fifty years, caused me to have the following problems: severe migraine headaches that would last for two or three days at a time and occur almost on a monthly basis; clicking noises in my jaw hinge when chewing; and if I yawned just right, the jaws would slip out of place; soreness in the jaw.

The resulting misalignment of my teeth made biting hard foods like apples, corn on the cob, etc. very uncomfortable because of the extreme overbite.

My family doctor finally diagnosed TMJ in the mid-eighties, but did not think anything could be done.

On my own, I called 1-800-Dentist, explained the problem, and was referred to Dr. Craig Sjoberg. That was the most productive phone call of my life.

Under Dr. Sjoberg’s treatment with mouthpiece, braces, rubber bands, and retainers, some remarkable changes have taken place.

My headaches have all but disappeared and no more clicking in my jaw. My realigned teeth make eating a pleasure. My receding chin has also improved, giving a better profile.

I have received numerous compliment form relatives, friends, and co-workers on my improved appearance and near-perfect teeth.

Too bad that treatment for TMJ was unknown fifty years ago or even ten years ago. But thank goodness research and techniques came along in time to help me while I can still enjoy the results.

And thank God for the patience, training, and expertise of Dr. Craig Sjoberg and the pleasure of being one of his success stories.

— Tanya C

I want to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I have been with the services you have provided to me. After having had braces for five years as a child, I thought that I was “fixed” as much as I could be. I suffered from TMJ for many years and thought that would always be part of my life. Although you and your staff never pushed me into treatment, you were happy to discuss the possibilities of what could be achieved. It is SUCH a relief to not have the nagging pain associated with TMJ any longer. Additionally, having braces again for only 14 months was as easy process that went by quickly. I am very happy with the results of my nice straight teeth and my new muscle position.

Recently, I began the orthodontic process for one of my children at a pediatric specialist’s office. After my experience with you and your office, I was not comfortable with the service provided to me and my son at the other facility. I have since brought him to your office, and am looking forward to working with you again. Additionally, I have two other sons who will need orthodontic work, so you will be seeing me for a LONG time.

Thank you for your fine work. But most of all thank you for making my sons excited about going to the dentist/orthodontist.

— Pam A

Dr. Sjoberg is truly a genius of his craft!

I came to Dr. Sjoberg’s office after having issues with excessive wear on my right side teeth- including having had a root canal and two crowns. I asked my family dentist what I could do in regards to stopping the wear, and short of wearing a night guard all hours of the day, he suggested ortho.

Dr. Sjoberg and his staff are truly wonderful. They took thorough tests including full x-rays and models of both arches, and explained that I had TMJ issues- most significant on my right side. He showed me how the teeth and jaw should work and also showed me where my jaw was currently, and how that affected the wear on my teeth as well as the pain in my jaw and headaches.

I went ahead with treatment as planned, and after about 2 weeks I noticed that I didn’t have any pain anywhere on my right side!

What I mean by that is- I have been an athlete my entire life. I played multiple sports in high school and college. Since high school- over 20 years ago- I have had tremendous pain on the right side of my body shooting from the base of my neck through my shoulder down through my lower back and even into my ankle. I have seen chiropractors, acupunctures, and massage therapists- who all stated how unbelievably tight the knots were in those areas.

I had no idea that by balancing out my bite as Dr. Sjoberg had done with the use of both ortho and an appliance that I wear all day that those pains could disappear! I am still in awe!

Thank you, Dr. Sjoberg and staff, for your work on my teeth to date. I appreciate the exceptional thoroughness of your exam, as well as the precision and quality of your work. I also appreciate the wonderful patience and gentleness that you and your staff continue to offer.

I look forward to a long working relationship with you!

— Aly D


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